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The Board Armor Difference

"Board Armor®" is THE patented disposable backboard cover that minimizes contamination of patients due to direct contact with dirty spine boards. Board Armor® provides a barrier to protect patients being placed on spine boards in the pre-hospital setting. Board Armor® is a critical component in reducing possibly fatal secondary infections acquired from exposure to infectious bacteria that are frequently found on almost all backboards. In addition to protecting patients, Board Armor® provides a barrier for first responders, and healthcare providers from hazardous material contaminants.

Board Armor® includes an Integrated Cervical Head Immobilizing Device (CID) allowing rapid on scene deployment. Board Armor® was designed to allow easy access to the lifting handles and will not compromises the ability to properly immobilize the patient with any system of straps or head immobilization devices.

Board Armor® was invented and developed by Advanced EMS Designs, a group of career Firefighter/Paramedics who saw the need for this critical technology. Learn more about Advanced EMS Designs.

Whould you want to be on this board? Fight contamination! The Solution. or